Voorjaarswedstrijden op de Kaag

Apr 27
Voorkaag George

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ESP32 Tilt tracker

Using an ESP32 to track the gravity reading of a Tilt Hydrometer

Apr 12

The Tilt Hydrometer is a sensor that transmits the specific gravity and temperature measurements of the brew it's in. These readings are broadcasted as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacon signal more details.

The company behind the hydrometer also created a Raspberry Pi build which has all features built in already, it is able to capture the BLE Signal, sends it to a google excel sheet and show the results on a self-hosted webpage.

What I'm trying to achieve with the ESP32 build is that the BLE signal is captured and published to a Time Series database (InfluxDB) which is then made readable with a Grafana page to display these results.

The ESP32 code is on GitHub

Polyvalk repairs

Of course we can repair that hole that's been in the boat for a year now

Apr 07
Polyvalk repairs George

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Brewing IPA (Rupture, Odell Brewing Co)

This Rupture clone recipe was taken from the brewing community website twortwat

Mar 16
Brewing IPA (Rupture, Odell Brewing Co) George

On March 16th we made an IPA using a recipe from the Dutch brewing community twortwat. We made some changes to the recipe due to availability of ingredients:

  • BRY-97 yeast was replaced by M44
  • Citra was replaced by Fuggle

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